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Common Questions

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Q.What is shop4acause about?
A.Shop4aCause is a unique way to SHOP and INFLUENCE the world around us. SHOP at major online retailers from links on our site and they donate us a portion of their income back to a good cause.
Q.How does it work?
A.Shop4aCause makes it incredibly easy to raise money by just online at the stores you already know. A percentage of what you spend is donated to us. The stores pay for it all.
Q.Does the customer pay extra?
A.No. The stores pay for it all. Customer never pay more,and sometimes he pays less with coupons and deals.
Q.Why do stores pay for it all?
A.Our retailers believe you'll be a great customer and you'll tell your friends. They like being good corporate citizens, helping to support us in the charity work we do.
Q.Why should we participate?
A.Why not? Participating in Shop4aCause is very easy. Whether the cause is big or small, it always needs more money to accomplish its goals. You can help, simply by doing what you normally do, at no cost to you.
Q.How do we participate?
A.Participating is easy! You just need to open the links of your favorite online retailers from out website.
Q.Who are you guys and why should I trust this site?
A.Shop4aCause is based in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh India and is regularly recognized for its ease-of-use. We are 100% dedicated in making sure that all our customers have wonderful experience by making a difference, every time they shop for the things they need. You can always check the work done through the funds raised from the following link

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“Please spread the word.We still need more traffic to hit the site to start our work”
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